How do you maintain your productivity?

As creatives and Independents, it is easy for us to enjoy our work, but the management aspects of it tend to be challenging and frustrating. Even more so when it involves project-based work that requires clear processes, order, and effective client communication.

With Tombolo, you can streamline your project management tasks, processes, and schedules, showcase your project to clients, and manage your cash flow. You’ll save time, money, and nerves.

That’s a triple threat!

Here’s what you can expect

Easy to use
A short learning curve. Just the essentials, none of the fluff (no unnecessary features).
Plan visually
Maintaining order requires hardly any effort. Visually arranged tasks and projects
Smooth collaboration with clients. Control over what clients can see
Finance Control
Effortless way to manage your payments and control your cash-flow

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How it works

Setup project and add your tasks
Share your projects with your clients and partners
Grow your business

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See our platform in action

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Files Storage


Work Page
sample board page
Invite other people to boards
Communicate on live chat and add comments
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Finance Control Management

Our story

We’re a team of freelance developers, writers, and designers who’ve created the tools we always wish we had for our projects and clients.

Tombolo is a productivity and management platform for freelancers and small business owners. Using Tombolo, people all over the world run their businesses, track their work, and collaborate with clients and teammates.

We empower freelancers and small business owners to thrive, accomplish goals, and do what they love.